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He answered phones on Tuesday and spouted bits of spam to callers. Credit: Jacob Bakkila. It seemed the mystery had been solved last year, when Gawker revealed that the owner of Horse-Ebooks. Followers could call the number to hear Bender and Bakkila reading spam into the phone while they sat at the Fitzroy Gallery on the Lower East Side on Tuesday. What was your original plan? I knew what I was getting into. The plan was to perform as a machine for roughly two years. That first post was a little cheeky, admittedly.

The Poetic Tweets Of @Horse_ebooks

Usually they vanish almost as quickly as they appeared. No, the attention is down to the frequently hilarious, often profound non-sequitirs the account spits out: usually one or two lines from one of said e-books, chosen at random, which has resulted in the likes of:. They have a comparable cadence and existential quality. They are also, more often than not, absolute nonsense.

Profound nonsense.

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As a useful concept to theorise the performance and doing of personhood, persona has been used to study everything from celebrity culture Marshall , fiction, and social networking sites Zhao et al. The concept also figures prominently in Human Computer Interaction and Usability Studies where the creation of personas constitutes an important design methodology Dong et al. While all of these perspectives allow for interesting analysis of personas, here I want to draw on an understanding of persona as a medium specific condition.

Despite the fact that it was written almost 60 years ago and in the context of the then emerging mass media — radio, television and movies — their observations are still relevant and useful to theorise the kinds of relations people forge with bots today. The para-social relations between audiences and TV personas are developed over time and become more meaningful to the audience as it acquires a history. Every day it was a gift. There were some days—thankfully not all that many—where it was the only thing I looked forward to.

For example, Harris tweets messages saying things like: In this case the para-social relation could no longer be sustained, as the illusion of being engaged in a relation with a machine was taken away.

Finding Actual Poetry in @Horse_ebooks

Its posts are humorous, poetic, bizarre, and legendary. He posted, in secret, fragments of recycled information, frequently incomplete snippets of text taken from published work and of course sometimes advertising links to a website selling low-quality self-help ebooks. As of this writing, less than a month later, the account has over , followers. Each movement title was chosen by the Atlantic Reed Consort, myself, and friends on my social media outlets.

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FOTI #37: How To Pronounce Horse_ebooks

Were you driving through western Pennsylvania in the mid-nineteen-nineties, with the radio on? Was the music interrupted by two adolescent male voices jabbering trucker lingo? Or, several years ago, did you come across an online tourism video for the city of Milwaukee? Did it seem a little strange, in that the city shown was very obviously Manhattan, and that the video suggested that the entire Milwaukee area had been contaminated by an industrial accident?

Horse_ebooks/statuses/ Sharjah Biennial 9. http://​​camp.

The 24 poems she intends to include will each feature a line from Horse—wherever that may come from. I guess the rest of it is emanating outward from it. Watson says she wasn’t an instant Horse convert. At first she found people she follows on Twitter retweeting of Horse “annoying,” but then “it started to become this kind of bizarre and kind of emotionally affecting thing every once in a while.

This wobbly world host to insects and lint and a thousand pithy ways to feel unserious each minute. It brings about a great softening of the mind, like the clouded edges of sea glass this filter you could download and apply. Watson’s “all-time favorite,” she notes on her Kickstarter appeal. John Herrman’s Splitsider investigation of Horse was published in early January, Adrian Chen’s unmasking of the human behind the account came out in February—eons ago in meme terms.

Watson, would disagree.

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This article is from the archive of our partner. The announcement of the gallery exhibition and Bakkila’s connection to the account, was first made by Susan Orlean in The New Yorker , of all places. But, it’s unclear if he initially bought the account as performance art, or just wanted to capitalize on a rising Internet meme.

real communication and become, well, more like @horse_ebooks? The claim that a dating site that incorporates “numbers” somehow drives.

A fisherman in a kayak works the waters below Ford Dam on the Mississippi River. Jason Snell explains:. This suggests that a public place without the mentally ill is not as valid and less authentic. Letting the mentally ill live on the streets is not a good thing that bestows upon a public place a quality whose regrettable manifestations make it better than, say, Southdale. I have been trying to get my brain around that picture for most of the morning.

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How @Horse_ebooks Went from Spam to Ad to Art Project to Self-Promotion

If you’re a female with a pulse and a profile on OKCupid, you’ve gotten a molesty message or two. Maybe you ignore. Maybe you say you’re not interested.

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The Twitter account is, essentially, a spambot originally designed by a Russian web developer to promote online books. It will often post snippets of text, always out of context and nonsensical, often unintentionally poignant. He is also inclined to dispense advice of a more romantic nature ” A tiny little trick for preparing your lips for a kiss that will make for a MUCH ” , and is also interested in ostriches ” Diagram of the Correct Shape of an Ostrich “.

And, now, the account’s funny tweets are being used to counteract unsolicited advances by some men on popular online dating site OK Cupid. And we have a lot to learn from it. Let’s say a stranger feels the need to let you know you are “sexy” without so much as saying hello or introducing himself or herself.

You can tell them to “keep in mind that sex is sex and love is love and what we re talking about here. Language in link NSFW. Of course, if your aim is to seduce fellow daters with your enigmatic ways, you could always dazzle them with your wit and clever wordplay. Hey, sometimes, nonsensical word dribble is just a great way to start a conservation. And, sometimes, it just helps make it even more obvious that some people aren’t really paying attention to what you say as long as you look cute.

Our advice, of course, is to avoid conversation with people you don’t want to talk to. Then again, sometimes a well-placed ” Sourdough Starter ” speaks volumes.

The man behind Horse_ebooks: Jacob Bakkila talks to Metro

The products we develop are used in smart homes, security systems and the industry. We help you all the way from concept development to industrial mass production. We also produce high quality test fixtures that give you full control over quality when producing your radio-based products. Since the day Mikrodust started we have developed battery operated low-power wireless sensors and related production test systems.

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The new site update is up! Yes, yes they will. That seems about right to me. The money quote: This is a pick-up artist talking to a horse robot and claiming he just read its personality. Yes yes it’s all funny now but what if they actually manage to breed? If it really is the same message sent to multiple accounts it seems unlikely that the meat robot is made of meat any more than the horse robot is made of horse.

You realize that email can be automated, right? The user just flags a bunch of pictures and then Seduction Master takes over.


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